Montana-the big sky country

Posted on: May 7, 2011


Montana, the fourth biggest state in the United States, is the most marvelous place I have ever been to. Montana is a very beautiful state with a non-ending display of sky landscapes framed against yellow-green grass, blue sky and green mountains. Due to the specifically inimitable features of her, Montana has been addressed in a score of nicknames: “The big sky country”, “The blue sky country”, “Land of the Shining Mountains”, “The Last Best Place”. In spring, when you look around, your eyes would surprisingly capture ranges of green mountains along with numerous rivers. What you might unexpectedly appreciate is the sunshine of “The big blue sky country”. 


Since there is no multi-storey building, but just the forests and mountains, you would find the sunrise and the sunset amazingly breathtaking with the combination of the calm and silent summer nature. What exciting the most is that in the late evening when the sun is about to go down the mountain, you would occasionally catch a sight of deer or grizzly bears coming out seeking for food. When you go out in the grass field after the rainy hour, you can always smell the freshness of the air. You feel like the world has been magically washed clean and clear. When it comes to a boring winter, Montana is the exception. Montana still leaves the snowy white eye-catching views, where the green mountains neatly turn to lovely snow mountains and everywhere lays the white rugs. Montana is forever the most beautiful place in all seasons.

By Jing


6 Responses to "Montana-the big sky country"

Hey! dear……great article ^_^ But y dont u put 1 of ur photos with beautiful view? Like MOntana so much. It’s a really peaceful place :*

i just don’t wanna post in here, but do u think it’s good?

Hello, I found your site when looking at your photos on my dash. They are very good. I’m a fifth generation Montanan. I love it here, and apparently, so do a lot of others. Getting much more crowded. ;-p Just buildng my blog, and for me, it’s not easy. It is Your Montana Outlook. This is an exercise in overcoming for me, as I have been out of it, with PTSD for 10 years! Funny how things can change. At any rate, your blog is fabulous, hoping I get sooo good!

Thanks Terran! This is a glad pleasure to hear from u–a fifth generation from Montana. It’s been so nice my blog was read by u.
i am a freshman in Cambodia, last year from July to August i went to University on an exchange program. I just love Montana so badly and so much wish to be there again.

[…] Montana-the big sky country ( […]

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